Referenties / Opdrachtgevers

Music used in Amerikaanse Television programs:

A&E, Animal planet, Bravo, Comcast, Discovery Channel, fifa, Guerilla FX, HBO, MTV, National Geographic, Nbc, Soap network, The history channel, The Travel Channel, Fit TV, TLC, Travel channel, UPN, Usa cable, VH1, WE, Weather channel

2006 fifa world cup official guide, 3 men and a chick flick [after glow | Chances are | dead in the water], Aileen: Life & death of serial killer, Amerca's next top model, Americas best resort hotels, Americas scariest halloween attractions, Bible series: pontious pilates, Big in 05 Celebreality moments [Bronson Janice Breakdown, Danny Roid Rage], biography Catherine the great, Biography Eisenhower, Biography of the year:2003, Biography: Brady Bunch, Britney Spears: behind the music, Conspiracy files [CIA mind control, he JFK assassination, mystery of roswell], Critical hour [8 nine miles of chaos, 9 Adrenaline junkies], Diary after the storm – hurricane Katrina, Driven [Nas, anna Kournikova, Ashanti, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jessica Simpson, Tim McGraw], Even scarier movie oments part 2, Final days, First Ladies, Full force Nature: episode 106, Heir apparent, Ifaw Safari Promotional DVD, Live to tell, Material world, Miami animal police, Mtv presents the world of aeon flux, MTV the cribs Home video, Mysteries of the bermuda Triangle, One step beyond, Race across america, Roush racing Driver x [#4 t/m 13], Save our history [apollo the race against time | b-25 bomber], Soapography [#14 #17 #7], Spy in the World, strickly sex w dr Drew [am i normal?, Drugs & Surgery, Masterbation], Swarms!, Taste of america, The best of making the band II, The critical hours [#15 16]. The secret life of a Vampire, The writers:Dostoyevsky, Twilight zone promo, Vh1 Goes inside: Sexy Soaps


Music written for commercials, television and short movies.

One Zero One | Docu WDR

Kindertekening | Commercial Unicef

'Eefje Wentelteefje TV-show' | serie VPRO

Sjonnie Sjadow | Commercial KWF

Ziek deel 1 : wachten | Short movie PWP Jongeren

Ziek deel 2 : sociale contacten | Short movie PWP Jongeren

'Eefje Wentelteefje' |

‘Tupperdurf” | soundscape stg kino

Music and visuals created for dance/music theater

Musical 'Vuurdoop' | Peggy Olislagers In between music
Dancetheater “Streets Ahead”| RJC Dance In between music and visuals
Music theater “Day and Night”  | Dhroeh Nankoe Culture Coalition music and visuals
Dancetheater “Nest” | Peggy Olislaegers Olislaegers en Co muziek
Dancetheater “Still” | Ninke van Herpt muziek
Dancetheater “Zoom” | Connie jansen In between music and visuals
Dancetheater “Bugelfrei”  | Daniel Reiner In between muziek
Dancetheater “Encamino” | J Kostic en J Riera Productiehuis Brabant visuals
Dancetheater “Rush” | J Kostic en J Riera Productiehuis Brabant visuals
Dancetheater “Credence”  | J Kostic en J Riera Productiehuis Brabant visuals
Dancetheater ”Lichtkracht” | Angela Spierenburg visuals
Dancetheater “Dresscode” | Jack Timmermans de Stilte performer
Sound performance “Feuilleton” |  Tilburg Cowboys Sounddesign and performance
Music theater “Necesidades”| Budha Building Visuals, performance and music
Music theater “De Slag”| Performance with Terry Bozzio Traces Music & Visuals

Opening, exposition, presentation and performances

Opening “Dansweek 2009” | Daniel Reiner music

Performance “Picasso” | Eric vd Westen EWM performer
Performance “Noord” | Tom Amerika visuals and performer
Performance “Watertunnels” | Guus Voermans  visuals and performer
Opening Erasmusfestival | 013 with Paul van Kemenade music and performance
Fusiepresentation “Synceres”| Interpolis music and visuals
Exposition “Venice Biennale” | MVRDV sounddesign and music
Exposition “Game-On” | music and performance
Performance “Traces of voices”| Traces music
Performance “Lekoa vaal” | with Eric van der Westen music and performance
Performance “De Rotterdam” | Rem Koolhaas First Stone music

Opening “Floriade 2012”| Opening performance for queen Beatrix music and visuals

Performance “Tilburg 200 jaar”| Tilburg end performance music

Performance “De pil”| Organon music

Bands and music projects with some highlights

Fireboots | Second price “Wraak van Brabant”

| Support act “Red Hot Chili Peppers


S.I.T.P. | Most innovating band “Grote Prijs van Nederland

| Played on  Lowlands Festval, Metropolis, Frozenland,

| Recorddeal 'Djax'

| Transeurope Halls Kopenhagen 'Working Overtime'

| Support act “Atari Teenage Riot”, “Ministry”

| Heineken Crossover Awards

| 2 cd’s 5 compilation


Budha Building | US Tour Michigan

| 5 cd’s  6 Compilation

| performances MInd The Gap, Paradiso, 013,

| Support act “Kong, Shine”

| Opening Eramus Festival


E-Quad | 2 Tours South Afrika

| performance “013”, “Oppikopi”

| 2 cd’s, Vinyl maxi

Quadrant Extended| 2 cd’s

| performance Paradox, Bimhuis

·VJ Performances some highlights


Underworld DVD launching Party ( 013 Tilburg)

VJ performance Schwarzkopf (Tivoli Utrecht)

Spinnoff Break Dance Contest

Mind The Gap (Melkweg Amsterdam, Houthalen Belgie)

D-liciuos, Beats and Beyond, Be My Video, No Sleep (013 Tilburg)

Original Soundtrack (013 Tilburg)

360 Video installations

Waterpoort Armanda| Provincie Noord-Brabant Music and visuals

Breda-rondom| Monumentendag Breda Music and visuals

Circles| Dutch design week for Strijbos van Rijswijk visuals

Seascape 360| Strijbos van Rijswijk technical design